Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally some Cruise Pictures

I don't have that great of pictures, our camera was lost at the time so we used a disposable camera. My sis-in-law probably has some much better ones I will try and get. So....this is the tender boat that picked us up off our ship to take us to COCOCAY ISLAND, the tiny little beautiful island that Royal Carribean owns and we had all to ourselves (well and the other 3 thousand people on the cruiseship). There is alot of people on that tenderboat and it looks tiny, gives you an idea how huge our ship was. 
 On the ship, you can see COCOCAY back behind us. It was one mile by two miles and it was so peaceful and serene. Of all our stops this was by far EVERYONE'S Favorite and we wished we had 2 days there instead of one.
                                                  Love the wind making me look pregnant!

 At Cococay! It was seriously so Beautiful
 Soaking up some rays, and looking good while doing it :)
 On the tender boat
 Didn't turn out so well.
 Formal night, the only time we really got dressed and ready and out of our suits.

 Another picture of Cococay