Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Wedding!!!!!

We just got home from a week in Az getting things ready for Clayton (Trav's little brother) and Mary's wedding and reception. We worked our little butts off getting things done for the reception but it was worth it, it turned out AMAZING thanks to my sis in laws incredible talent and vision.  She had almost everything already planned out and just needed the man, and woman, power to pull it all off.  It was a beautiful day that started at the Temple with a sweet sealing by a sweet man.  Then we had the day to finish up the details of the reception and then the PARTY started!
Ally and her DADDY, she is so in love with her dad it melts my heart!

 Some of the cute pictures of the two love birds and some of their cute decor
 The cake. It was so stinkin cute. It was upside down ruffles and my sister in law Amy is amazingly talented!
 The groomsmen waiting for their turn with the photographer!  Pretty sure the one second from the left is HOT!
 Sweet BOYS, even with Grady having both fingers in his nose, ha ha
 Angel Girls
 More Cuteness!  My cute husband did this sign and the other wood sign, he is adorable!
 See, he IS adorable
 Hillary made the perfect little table to honor Kristi and Phil!!! They would have been so proud of the whole DAY...

 This room was the talk of the night.  They had their receiving line here and their "dance" and it was so elegant and gorgeous and we got so many compliments on it, it made the 3 days of figuring out how to put it up and putting it up all worth it!

 Their sign in table

 The whole gang! Clay's side of the family

It was a wonderful time with family and friends and we are so proud of Clayton and Mary! Welcome to the crazy Sherwood Family Mary, we love you!

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